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Our tea parties exist to provide a safe community space to those that need it by bringing people together and encouraging positive conversation. They are designed to help people with mental health challenges and loneliness and provide a healthy environment for members of the community to eat, drink and meet new people.

We have been operating this service for a total of five years. The tea parties are available to anyone that wishes to join in and could benefit from having an afternoon out and making new friends.

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Our events take place at our charity facility in Stanton. We now include a telephoning, and visiting service as well as potential medical appointment transport when required as part of our Tea Parties (transportation must be enquired about before hand)

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If you think you know anybody that could benefit from this service, we would encourage you to get in touch. All inquiries are confidential and come with no obligation.



Our Tea Parties are completely free, and take place on the last Sunday of every month between 1 pm - 3 pm. Transport may be provided to anyone that doesn't have their own, but please enquire before.

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