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The singing cafe provides a much-needed community session that is both valued and looked forward to by many people with dementia, learning difficulty and their carers. It's an inclusive time open to all members of society who wish to come together and meet for the mutual benefit of socialising and it allows opportunity for members to interact with all the different diversity's within people. 

The singing cafe provides meaningful and appreciated social time, it stimulates the brain to enhance the feeling of well-being, which in turn helps good effective communication. Singing often helps people to remember, whether that be the words to a favourite song or triggering memories of a happy time. It's also a good vocal exercise that can improve lung function which may benefit some of our regular guests.

The carers who do such a wonderful job of aiding these people in our society also get a chance to relax and meet other carers and have a real connection with people in similar positions, it gives them the opportunity to enjoy a shared activity together.

Please click the link below to our singing cafe website and find out more about the incredible work that goes on here!

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